W.G.Ellerkamp Co.is a second generation family business located in Peterborough, New Hampshire. We provide retail stores with bags, boxes, tissue paper, giftwrap, labels, and more. In the early years we worked with retailers in New England; nowadays we have customers in virtually all 50 states.

Bill (W.G. himself) Ellerkamp has been in the retail packaging business since 1965, the year that Jack was born. Bill started his own company in the early 1990’s. Jack (the son) joined Dad in 1993 and spent the first 6 years on the coast of Maine. When Bill retired in 1999, Jack moved back to Peterborough and soon took over the day to day operations.

We sell packaging to all sorts of retailers, chocolatiers, ski shops, gift shops, clothing stores, jewelers, coffee houses, country stores, toy stores, and bookstores. Over the past few years we’ve established a niche with independent jewelers and independent bookstores throughout the country. Though we do have large retail customers, the majority of our customers are locally owned, independent retailers and restaurants / coffee houses.

Jack’s affinity for locally owned, independent businesses led to the creation of ourĀ Buy Local shopping bags. Supporting local businesses is essential for our local economies, the character and charm of our towns and cities, and the livelihood of the folks who own, and work for, these businesses.